Michael Wangbickler on February 20th, 2011

On Friday, February 18th, my wife and I attended the 5th annual Dark and Delicious Wine & Food event at Rock Wall Wine Company in Alameda, California. Hosted by the Petite Sirah advocacy group, P.S. I Love You, and organized by the lovely Jo Diaz, the event was a dream for every lover of Durif (see my earlier post on Petite Sirah).

This is honestly one of the better wine and food events I’ve been to. Mostly for the simple fact that the food was quite good and there was plenty of it. All of the chefs, restaurateurs, and caterers brought their A-game and were serving up some pretty tasty grub. A lot of these events run short on food by the end of the night, but that was not the case here. Wine highlights of the night included Concannon, David Fulton, Robert Biale, and Twisted Oak.

Petite Sirah seems to be a polarizing wine, with people either falling into the camp of loving it or hating it. I, for instance, love it. My wife does not. It can be in-your-face, rustic, and sometimes a bit hard to love. But love it, I do.

If you missed the tasting, here is a video courtesy of P.S. I Love You that gives you a feel for the event:

Disclaimer: I had a client in attendance at the event, Don Sebastiani & Sons. In fact, my agency was instrumental in having them join P.S. I Love You and participating in this event. While I promised not to promote the wines of any of my clients on this blog, I have to make an exception in the case of their 2008 Aquinas Petite Sirah. It was one of the best at the tasting.

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  1. Thanks, Michael, for such a great story about our event. “They come for the wine and love the food.” Fortunately, for your wife’s sake, she can come for the food!

    I love that your company was able to have Don Sebastiani & Sons be part of our merry band. They’re an excellent company with lots of family history in the wine business… And, yup, their Petites are amazing.

    See you all next year!

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