Michael Wangbickler on July 21st, 2009

The Wine Industry Technology Symposium took place last Thursday and Friday, July 16 and 17 at the Marriott Napa Valley. The purpose of the conference is to explore the confluence of wine and technology, in the winery, in the vineyard, and in marketing. It is partially organized by the folks at Wine 2.0 and WISE Academy.

A large focus of the conference this year was Web 2.0/Social Media, which was of particular interest to me obviously. I will refrain from giving a blow-by-blow account since others, such as Wines & Vines Magazine have done a great job of covering the conference. Rather, I’m going to share a few little gems that I picked up while there.

  1. Tell a story – Dave Morin and Andrew Bosworth of Facebook explained that social media is like any other medium. You need to tell a compelling story, regardless. But, without a good story, your social media endeavors will not likely succeed.
  2. Take a long term strategy – The two gents also suggested that wineries take a long term strategy. It takes time to build a following and see some reward from your efforts. Be patient. Build your community and monetize it over time.
  3. There is no expectation of response – Unlike email, fax, or a phone call, there is no expectation of a return response when in the social media sphere. Don’t expect everyone to follow you back on Twitter or fan you on Facebook.
  4. Link it all together – Leverage as many services as possible. Give people the option to sign up for your mailing list on your FB page. Offer RSS feeds and/or SMS updates. Link it up on your website. Give people as many options as you can to converse with you.
  5. Pay attention – Use the various tools out there to observe what people are writing about your brand and measure your success with your social media programs.

Most of the major sessions were video recorded, and they should be available online in the next few weeks. I hope to watch them again and pick up more tips in the coming weeks.

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  1. Interesting stuff especially considering the difference between the wine industry(which seems stuck in the 80′s) and real estate which has taken social media to heart already. It’s especially amazing because of how open and available every winemaker I contact seems to be.


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