Michael Wangbickler on May 21st, 2009

I taught a segment on Social Media Marketing for Brian Avila’s class at Napa Valley College today. It was a good class with varying levels of knowledge in terms of social media. I figured that the readers of this blog might like to see copies of the presentation also, so I have included it below. Feel free to leave comments with any questions. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Lisa da Bruin for providing the basis for this presentation.

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  1. Thanks for sharing!

    (I am guestdd7a59d)


  2. Re: Some of the blogs you recommend- they could stand to read the 10 steps to success.

  3. Congrats, Michael! And thank you for including me on your Blogs to Follow page.

    Melissa Dobson

  4. That’s a much better presentation than one I sat through recently on the same topic. I’m curious though, of the wineries you said are “doing it right”, how did you measure their success in actual revenues from these sites? Seems to me that since you’re marketing to the least brand-loyal demographic in the country, you’re just as likely to turn them on to another wine when they go to the store to buy yours, if they find something cheaper or with a cooler label, etc. IOW, how can you track successes with the use of Social Media, and how do you insure repeat buys? I see the opportunity, but I’m dubious as to the efficacy…


  5. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for your input. I get this question a lot. The problem is that it is almost impossible to directly attribute revenue to social media activities. That is, unless you run a special Twitter or blog promotion that you can track sales from.

    I suggest that you look at social media programs less as a sales generation activity and more as a brand building activity. Can you directly attribute sales to your advertising or PR activities? Not really. Because these are brand building programs with the intent to increase brand awareness. Taken together with other marketing programs, you build a comprehensive marketing campaign. Just like these activities, you can’t just seperate out social media tactics. It has to be part of the whole marketing strategy.

  6. Hi Mike

    Good presentation.

    I’m flattered that you included winesooth.com in your list of recommended blogs.

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