Michael Wangbickler on January 13th, 2009

How do we carve up the wine blog pie?

How do we carve up the wine blog pie?

Ok, so here is a much discussed subject: How do we as wine PR professionals determine which wine bloggers are legitimate or not? We can’t just send wine samples to every Tom, Dick, and Harry who happens to say they have a blog. So how do we separate the legitimate bloggers from those that aren’t? And how do we categorize them?

This is fairly straightforward (kinda) when dealing with traditional media, because there are various metrics to measure them, whether publication circulation, market share, Nielson rating, whatever. All of this information is available through various services. Based on these metrics, you can determine how to categorize them. The same can not be said for measuring blogs.

There are some services such as Alexa, Compete, and Quantcast that may give you a general idea of how popular a blog is, but they aren’t really that accurate yet. But this is just one metric.

Twitter pal and social media guru Kevin Palmer of Social Media Answers was kind enough to give me some pointers on how he categorizes bloggers. Here is a brief outline of some metrics you can use to categorize blogs. If you want more details, mosey on over to Kevin’s blog and check it out.

  1. Alexa/Compete – Good for painting a general picture of the strength of traffic to their blog.
  2. Quantcast – Most won’t have the tag installed necessary to register with Quantcast. Those that do may be a little more serious about their blogging.
  3. Age of blogs – There is high turnover on blogs. An older blog may indicate that the blogger is here to stay.
  4. Average Number of posts per month – The more frequently a blogger posts, the greater likelihood that their audience will be larger.
  5. Other Social Media channels – Does the blogger have a good following on Facebook, Twitter, etc.? It may indicate that their readership is larger than implied by visits to the blog.

Kevin attributes scores for the above, and determines a value for each blogger. He then ranks them into categories that he can use.

It may seem like a lot of work, but it will provide you with a more accurate picture of those bloggers that matter to you, and those that don’t.

This is just one of many ways that we can categorize blogs. I’m sure there are others out there with other systems. It falls to us as wine PR & Marketing professionals to determine best practices and encourage adoption.

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4 Responses to “How to Categorize Bloggers?”

  1. Traffic and reputation are the only clear ways to see who is legit.

    A writer with clever insights, a sharp palate, and finger on the pulse of the wine world is useless unless they are being read.

    Facebook and Twitter activity are poor indicators. Friending someone has no value. I get dozens of friend requests a day, and not only ignore, but block 3/4 of them.

    A solid Google Page Rank may help too.

    If a good wine blog wants to seen as legit, they will go through the hoops to make sure the right people know about them.

  2. Interesting stuff…thanks for laying it out!


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