Michael Wangbickler on October 28th, 2008

Photo courtesy of WineEnabler.com

Photo courtesy of WineEnabler.com

Saturday evening, October 25th found the attendees of the first Wine Bloggers Conference having dinner at the venerable Sebastiani Winery in my lovely home of Sonoma. It was an evening of friends (newly made), food, and fun. The address that evening was given by Ms. Alice Feiring author of the Veritas in Vino blog and the book The Battle for Wine and Love: or How I Saved the World from Parkerization. It was quite the contrast to the previous evening when Gary Vaynerchuk spoke. Where he was exuberant and demonstrative, Ms. Feiring was demure and proper. Unbelievably, she stated that this was her first address in front of an audience. Well, she did a heck of a job. I was duly impressed. Tom Wark of Fermentation has a great summary of the evening on his blog entitled The Battle For Wine and How I Learned to Love Alice Feiring.

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